Placemaking and Belonging: Place as Self

an eco-expressive arts workshop



  • Certified Teacher with Level 1 and 2 Expressive Arts Facilitation training

  • Using imaginal space, we can hear the voices of the place we live

  • 2- hour Expressive Art Workshop Zoom link will be provided after registration

  • A 50% refund will be given to a student who cancels their registration before the first class. Please read our terms of service for more information.


Illustration of Detroit River

In this class, educator and expressive arts guide, Sasha, will take us deeply into the mysteries of place: into the literal ground of our being working with the archetypes and delving into the ways in which the places we’ve lived – or the places we’ve longed to live – inform who we are, and who we might one day become. The landscapes that we live in are not only metaphors for the people that we imagine ourselves to be now, they can also be metaphors for the people that we would like to become.

Based on the work of author, mythologist and psychologist Dr. Sharon Blackie and the multi-modal expressive arts process we will use different art modalities (poetry, music, visual art, and story telling) to explore the questions, and others:

  • What can place tell us about who we are, and who we might one day become?
  • How can we put our roots down deeply into the land, and find a sense of belonging there?

Suggested Supplies – but you can work with what ever you have on hand or media you prefer:

  • 9×12 high-quality student-grade Watercolor Paper Pad (like Canson’s XL);
  • Watercolor (tube or cake) with a basic pallet (warm and cool reds, blues, yellows, and your other favorites; OR what ever you have on hand.
  • A round or flat watercolor brushes (I use Artist Loft Vienna or Winsor Newton University series 233, but any brand is fine;
  • Two jars of water, some paper towel or a rag;
  • a journal or writing paper and a writing utensil;
  • and your imagination.