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Suggested Art Supply List for Classes

The consciously organized studio is a place of acceptance where actions, materials, and the space itself “speak” and guide discovery.

~Nona Orbach, Author of The Good Enough Studio (2020)

Buying art supplies are as personal as choosing your wardrobe. When you are a beginner, the problem is figuring out what to choose from the zillion choices available (and well marketed) and where best to find them – online or in stores. New brands and eye catching materials are being manufactured all the time; and without actually trying them out, it’s difficult to know which one will actually fit your needs and ARTing style.

Unfortunately, quality is reflected in price. And quality often dictates ease of use and permeability of your art work. I suggest students begin with quality student grade materials. We will talk and experiment with different materials in class. And if you are like me, you will probably become a collector and perhaps connoisseur of art supplies.

However, if you are wondering what the recommended basics are, check out the following lists of recommended materials for the different classes I teach. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thanks for signing up for a class with me! I look forward to ARTing with you!

Select and download your class supply list

FYI, my material lists do contain affiliate marketing links, which does not cost you more, but provides me with a small piece of their profit from the sale (if you complete the purchase within 24 hours). I use this to provide scholarships for the supported and Accessible Art Classes. Thank you for your support!


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