Art Classes & Workshops

We believe that anyone can make art.

Art Works! Studio offers both group and private lessons for the novice to the experienced student. Our classes and workshops explore the creative process and self-expression through various art media, subject matter, and techniques. We structure our content based on the individual’s learning profile: strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents, learning style and unique language, learning and behavioral needs. We also strive to bring art for growth, healing, communication, and self-expression into the world.

Traditional Art

Quiet your inner critic and learn to see like an artist. Our traditional art sessions give you the tools to draw what you see and not what you think you see. We will teach you the techniques to master various art media and improve your skills. Come with a beginner’s mind or stretch your imagination and hone your drawing and painting skills in our continuing and advanced classes.

Expressive Art

The process of creating and expressing one’s self and shaping an artistic work can fuel physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Art helps resolve conflicts and problems, develops interpersonal skills, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases self­ awareness. In our expressive art sessions, we explore themes related to self-care, mindfulness, community connection, and social justice using various materials and modalities.

Children’s Art

Children’s classes are space and time to explore and cultivate creative practice. The emphasis is on process over product, self-reflection, the experience of a creative community, and witnessing the journey with others. No prior expressive or traditional art experience is necessary. Creating art is fun and builds executive function and creative and critical thinking skills.

Online classes and workshops

Register for one of our upcoming online sessions. A Zoom link will be provided prior to the class beginning.

Private Art Lessons

Personal Art Lessons ( 1-on-1 or pod learning)

You schedule dates and time (Packages available) — Ages 5-101

Sign up for personal art lessons! Receive customized instruction in individual or our small, online art classes taught by our expert artists and allow us to nurture your creative spirit. We’ll teach you a unique balance of artistic techniques while discovering the freedom of your authentic self-expression. We recognize the potential in each person regardless of where you are at in the journey…

Photo of colorful art supplies on a table

Get Artsy – Gift Certificates – All levels

You schedule dates and time (Packages available) — Ages 5-101

With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas on the horizon, this is a wonderful time of year to reflect on what it means to give. All through the year, we are constantly giving our energy to others. We might be looking after family, working hard with colleagues, supporting our friends or just simply helping a neighbor with her groceries. Give a private traditional art or expressive art …

Painting with Parkinsons

Painting with Parkinson’s Online Class

Every Wednesday noon – 1 pm

Even if someone with Parkinson’s Disease has not picked up a paintbrush since grade school, art can help improve physical, psychological, and social functioning. We provide personalized instruction based on your skill level and creative goals. We will explore color theory and paint mixing and techniques that allow you to complete a painting in a few sessions

Saturday Expressive Arts OpenStudio

Sat Expressive Arts Online Open Studio

Every Sat: Ages 18 – 101, 12:30-2:30 PM (may attend single sessions)

This Open Studio is a regular space and time to explore and cultivate your own personal creative meditation and expressive arts practice. The emphasis is on process over product, self-reflection, the experience of creative community and witnessing the journey with others. No prior expressive or traditional arts experience is necessary. Bring the art materials you have on-hand along with …

colorful pencils lined up with mindful zen dooles across the top of the page.

Online Fun Art for Neuro-Diverse Young Adults

1-hour classes: Ages 15 and up, EVERY Mon 10 – 11am & Wed 3-4 pm

Art Lessons can be fun for everyone—with just a few small adaptations, everyone can learn. Sasha will guide you through the technical aspects of drawing uncomplicated compositions. Then, let your imagination soar with color, line, and pattern in your own unique style. And voila! You will be delightfully surprised! Too often, adults put limits on children with learning challenges …

two young men looking closely at a flower in a meadow

Art & Nature for Neuro-Diverse Young People

5-hour LIVE workshops: Mondays June 20, July 18, and Aug 22 @10 – 3 PM

As we create art, we learn to express how we feel and explore nature in a whole new way. Welcome to a fun, unique, and eco-friendly arts workshop where we will create art, perhaps walk a nature trail, share stories, and practice mindful self-care in nature! We will connect to nature, to fuel our creative expression by opening the senses & noticing more of the world around us. Register for one or more sessions. Each session is a stand alone with a different theme…

Children's Drawing & Painting Tuesday Studio

Online Drawing and Painting for Children

1-hour classes: Ages 5 – 9 years old, online EVERY Mon 5-6 PM

Are you finding that your child needs a creative outlet? Do you know that artmaking relieves stress, builds critical thinking, enhances creative thinking, and problem-solving skills? Sasha is an experienced and certified art teacher who encourages creative and critical thinking skills. She will developmentally teach your child the fundamentals of drawing and painting …

Child in sweater, drawing zen doodle designs with a yellow background

Online Zen Doodling for Children Pop-Up

1-hour class: Ages 7- 12 years old – Saturday, May 21st, 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Are you finding that your child needs a creative outlet? Do you know that artmaking relieves stress, builds critical thinking, enhances creative thinking, and problem-solving skills? Come and Zen Doodle with materials you have on-hand. Sasha will make suggestions about how to make cards and other items with your doodles. New designs are introduced at every pop-up session.

Colorful zen doodle drawings

Online Pop-Up Mindful Art: Zen Doodle Watercolor for Adults

1-hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, Every Tues. in May 6:30-8:00 PM

Drop in once or come every week and experience a variety of slow-drawing exercises to boost your design confidence and expand your knowledge of art as a mindful practice. Zen Doodles are known as a way to create structured designs through drawing various patterns. Use what supplies you have on hand ..

Naked Man curled up on top of image of violin on unwater background mainly blues and yellow colors

Online Soul-Mirror Collage Workshop (Online)

1.5-hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, Monday, June 6th 1 – 2:30 PM

These face-to-face workshops are stand-alone. Sasha uses a method, where cards are made by clipping images and then combining them, against a new background image, into a collage. With this fun and insightful process combining dreams, imagination, personal symbols, and intuition, you effortlessly create mini works of art that tap into your imagination, invite self-discovery, and help you connect to your own intuitive wisdom.

In-person classes in Northville

Register for these upcoming live classes, hosted by the Northville Art House. Call Sasha @ 313-701-9856 or email us for more information.

colorful hamza with eye in the middle and decorative designs painted in watercolor on a yellow background

Mindful Art: Hamza Workshop (Live)

1.5-hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, 3-4:30 Sunday April 10th

The Hamza is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection throughout history, no matter what faith you are it is a sign that is meant to bring its owner happiness, luck, good health, and good fortune. An $8 material fee gives you everything you need or bring your own. Class is held in person in Northville.

Colorful zen doodle drawings

Mindful Art: Zen Doodle WC (Online)

1.5 -hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, Sunday, May 29, 2022 (online)

Experience a variety of slow-drawing exercises to boost your design confidence and expand your knowledge of art as a mindful practice. Zen Doodle (or Tangle) is known to many artists and craftivists to create structured designs through drawing various patterns. I will provide you with many tools and materials to experiment with. No experience necessary! Caution – Zen Doodling can be come habit forming! This workshop is online.

10 artist trading cards with various colorful watercolor drawings

Mindful Art: Artist Trading Cards (Live)

1.5-hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, 3-4:30 Sunday May 1 and May 8

Students will learn about and make their own AND swap Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). The simple act of sharing a 2.5 x 3.5 inch piece of art knows no boundaries. Unique statements, passionate emotions, and favorite interests can all be expressed in these miniature works of art that are always traded, never sold. Sasha will demonstrate a variety of mixed media tips. Warning: making artist cards can be habit forming! Classes are held in-person in Northville.

River rock painted black with a colorful mandala on it.

Mindful Art: Mandala Rocks (Live)

1.5 hour workshop: 1 – 2:30 PM, Sunday. May 5

Humans have always been drawn to and fascinated by circular designs. A great example of that is the Mandala. In today’s world, the process of creating a Mandala is used for its calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. When we unplug from our electronics to sit quietly and paint circular and symmetrical shapes, our creativity begins to naturally flow, and we enter a meditative state… Classes are held in-person in Northville.

Two coffee pots and a mug

Level Up Drawing (Live)

5 – 1.5 hour sessions: 1:45 – 3:15, Tuesdays. May 10 – Jun 7th

As a stimulus to the imagination, method of investigation, or a basic means of communication, drawing is a fundamental process of human thought. This course will continue to introduce fundamental drawing techniques such as perspective (linear and atmospheric), specific techniques used in graphite rendering, and to explore dynamic mark-making, contours, and shading … Classes are held in-person in Northville.

Small rectangles with colorful watercolor patterns and three paint brushes

Mindful Art: WC Textures (Live)

1-hour workshops: Ages 16 +, 1-2:30 May 22nd

Need a little color boost? Join us for this workshop! Sasha will guide you through a variety of exercises to boost your brush stroke confidence and expand your knowledge in color theory. We will begin with a quick overview of the basics of the color wheel, wheel-based harmonies, color temperature, and paints for making “pulse and precision” to create beautiful watercolor textures. All levels are welcome. Classes held in-person in Northville.

Box of colorful pans of watercolor paint

Mystical WC Landscapes (Live)

1-hour workshops: Ages 16 +, 1-2:30 PM May 22nd

To take this class, you don’t need to be an expert, all you need is some supplies and openness to delving into creating. We will be exploring topics like balance, symmetry, depth, feeling, intuition, framing (our landscapes will have a window or a door), and detail as we draw and paint our mystical landscapes together. Some watercolor experience is helpful. All levels are welcome to join … classes are held in-person in Northville.

Upcoming workshops & classes

Interested in one of these upcoming workshops? Just email us at and we’ll add you to our waitlist.

Colorful Crescent moon and full moon with abstract curved lines.

New Moon Expressive Arts Workshop

1.5 hour online workshop: Date TBA

This expressive arts workshop is about tuning into the energy of the new moon. When its slender crescent is barely visible in the night sky—this is a day historically associated with women’s renewal and celebration. We will think about our emerging fullness, our relationship to nature, and how that impacts our own wellbeing. Join us for two hours of poetry, art-making …

Mindful Art: Pulse and Precision Watercolor Workshop

Mindful Art: Watercolor Neuro Graphic Line

2-hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, TBA

Join us for this inspiring workshop! Educator, artist, and color connoisseur, Sasha Roberts-Levi, will guide you through a variety of watercolor exercises to boost your design confidence and expand your knowledge of art as a mindful practice. This workshop is designed for beginners and experienced painters alike. We will begin with a quick overview of the basics of the color wheel …

Abstract colorful landscapes with yellow, greens pinks and gold paint

Mindful Art – WC Ancient Song Landscapes

2-hour online workshop: Date TBA

Discover your own unique artist within! Inspired by the book Watercolor is for Everyone by Kateri Ewing, Sasha will introduce a painting technique that is a form of visual poetry – based on the structure of a ballad. Using simple materials: a piece of watercolor paper, some watercolors, a metallic or white gel pen, and a graphite or charcoal pencil we will create these beautiful mini abstract landscapes that can be used as Artist Trading Cards, greeting cards, or …

Colorful flower mandala drawing

Mindful Art – Circle Mandalas for Relaxation

2-hour workshop: Date TBA

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Do you want a simple and fun self-care practice to explore your creativity and relax? De-stress with intuitive art exercises, journaling, and mindful breathing techniques you can do daily! “Mandala” in Sanskrit translates to “Circle.” Explore drawing and writing in this relaxed, playful workshop as we explore the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness and creating circular designs and patterns through expressive arts & writing…

Mindful Art: Watercolor Harmony

Mindful Art: Watercolor Harmony

2-hour workshop: Ages 16 – 101, TBA

Interested in exploring and creating expressive palettes and paintings? Join this workshop! Educator, artist, and color connoisseur, Sasha, will guide you through choosing, mixing, and using watercolor to create expressive and appealing combinations and effects to reflect every mood and subject. Begin with a quick overview of the basics of the color wheel and learn how to create personal pallets using hand-mixed colors. This class is designed for all levels …

Colorful Watercolor Painting of Lion

Responding to Trauma in your Class Room – Creative First Aid for Teachers

2-hour workshop for educators:  Date TBA

What do trauma and stress in the classroom look like? How does it affect learning? How can educators best respond to students exposed to trauma? In these unprecedented times – transitioning from a year of educating online and socially distancing learning, – teachers will be more frequently encountering …

Polarity-Mandorla Expressive Arts Workshop

Polarity-Mandorla Expressive Arts Workshop

2-hour workshop: Ages 18 – 101, Date TBA

Mandorla is the ancient symbol for wholeness and balance. During this workshop, we will use the tools of creativity, visual arts, meditation, and journaling to work with the Magic of the Mandorla. The mandorla is two overlapping circles, or mandalas, which form an almond shape in the middle. “Mandorla” is an Italian word, meaning “almond”. We see it in painting as …

Nature Journaling en Plein Air

Beginning Nature Journaling en Plein Air

Three 1.5 hours workshop: Ages 16 – 101, Date TBA

En plein air, or plein air painting, is the act of painting outdoors. This method contrasts with studio painting or academic rules that might create a predetermined look. This workshop is for the student who wants to get started or continue nature journaling in spring, and anyone who wants to keep creative throughout the year. By journaling about your observations …

Mindful Art – Calm for the Journey Workshop

2-hour workshop for educators : Date TBA

What are the potential benefits of mindfulness? Numerous studies have shown that it can positively have an effect on our wellbeing including increased self-awareness, heightened impulse control, greater attention span, higher emotional intelligence, more self-confidence, improved memory, heightened empathy, deeper compassion, advanced social skills, better stress management, and boosted immunity. Come practice mindful art in a creative community …

“Sasha is an amazing art teacher. I began taking watercolor painting classes from her and this process transformed my life. She helped me see myself as an artist, which boosted my self-esteem and confidence. “

Maike Walbrecht, Former Director of ESL, UNCW