Art Classes & Workshops

We believe that anyone can make art.

Art Works! Studio offers both group and private lessons for the novice to the experienced student aged 4–97 years old. Our classes and workshops explore the creative process and self-expression through various art media, subject matter, and techniques. We structure our content based on the individual’s learning profile: strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents, learning style and unique language, and learning needs.

We offer traditional art (skill-based) and expressive arts (art as process for healing for well-being) for adults and children’s art programs focused specifically on their developmental needs and classes for adults with special needs.

You can find classes online, on-location, and in-studio classes and workshops. We recently opened a brick-and-mortar studio located in downtown Walled Lake (across from the water). The address is 127 E. Walled Lake Dr. Walled Lake 48390.

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Adult Traditional Art Classes and Workshops
Are you Interested in learning observational drawing – drawing what you see and not what you think you see- or learning more about watercolor or acrylic painting techniques? Are you figuring out where to begin or starting again after a long hiatus? Maybe you want to connect with other creative people or learn in-studio style! We offer beginning and continuing classes and workshops for all ages! If you don’t see what you are looking for, email us with your idea!

A circle with a colorful spiral and hill with black and white winter trees inside it

Expressive Arts (ExA) Workshops and Classes
Interested in the healing arts, mind-body-spirit connections, self discovery, place-based activities, mindfulness, or exploring process over product? Then these classes, art retreats, and workshops are designed just for you. Our offering here is to share with you (in the words of Sam Taroni of the Soul Shed) compassionately held space, and creative re-sources and practices, to support you in finding into your own intuitive creativity as a wisdom source. A

watercolor painting mostly in violets of a woman holding a dandelion like an umbrella and flying across the page

Supported & Accessible Art
We offer opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, TBI, Autism, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia to make art in a supportive, creative space. We believe in the transformative power of the arts and are committed to fostering personal and artistic growth, and deepening community connections. If you are interested in art for the fun and relaxation of it, or making art to exhibit or sell, we are here to support you. Ask about our art on wheels workshops.

photo of an open window outside Emily Karr on a horse, inside a woman with a tattooed hand holding scissors

SoulCollage® Workshops
SoulCollage® is a dynamic, fun and inspiring technique for self-discovery. Using found images, scissors and glue, we create a vibrant deck of our own personal SoulCollage® cards, which become visual representations of our inner lives, our communities, and the larger world. They tell the story of you! This is a gentle, relaxing and intuitive process that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Children in art classroom lined up and looking at drawing of mushrooms

Children’s & Teen’s Art Classes and Workshops
We offer live, art in the park, online, and home-school classes and workshops for children aged 4 – 18. Whether you are looking for fun art or specific skill-based classes, we know how to find the sweet spot of where to begin the journey. You’ll love our drawing, painting, printmaking, nature journaling, eco-art, and more! And we will love to ART with you! Guaranteed!

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Class Supply Lists

Art supplies are a personal choice and budget is a huge determining factor. However, if you are wondering what I recommend, check out my lists. maybe you’ll become a collector or connoisseur…

Private Art Lessons

Private Personal Art Lessons

  • 60 min lessons, 4 or 8 week packages

  • Online Art Lessons via Zoom

  • All ages welcome

  • Packages starting at $35/hour

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  • 60 min lessons

  • Art Lessons via Zoom or Your Home

  • Individually designed for 4 – 97 years old

  • $40/session or 4 sessions for $100

“Sasha is an amazing art teacher. I began taking watercolor painting classes from her and this process transformed my life. She helped me see myself as an artist, which boosted my self-esteem and confidence. “

Maike Walbrecht, Former Director of ESL, UNCW