Expressive Arts Saturday Online Open Studio



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  • I may guide you in using writing, poetry, movement, breath, or mindful practices to deepen your understanding of your creation

  • Every session is unique. Art can be deep, touching, cathartic, surprising, playful, and fun. 

  • Classes currently held on Zoom

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Saturday Expressive Arts OpenStudio
Expressive Arts are for everyone. We are all born with an innate human capacity to be creative. This is NOT a traditional art class. It is about working with the process itself and following its threads through different art modalities such as visual art, movement, writing, music, poetry, or drama. Because it is about the process and of being creative and expressing from it within, it is less about the product. A satisfying product is wonderful – and our work can be quite beautiful – but it is not the main objective. What you create is an inquiry your made and your hearts answer to it.

Come and find refuge from life made too busy, from the incessant drumbeat of bad news, from the lure and grip of technology, from the endless distractions – to a sometimes forgotten place inside.

How you create your image is very individualized. There are NO WRONG ANSWERS. Your images are like your friends you meet along the trail in a park. To give feedback and support as you explore your own creative journey. Sometimes I might suggest materials or a particular approach, but you are always welcome to work on anything you choose. I can give “invitations” for art making (projects that will help you explore a certain theme or goal) or support you in making intuitive art. I usually start with a check-in and move into metaphor with a poem or guided mediation. We have work time, which sometimes includes writing prompts. Often times the art takes us to unexpected places! Then we witness each other’s work and finally, we share our experience about the process. The work we create and the emotions that sometimes come up for us can be deep and is always very personal. You are the expert on your art. I don’t interpret assume, diagnose, or critique.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton

This workshop is most beneficial for:

  • Stress or anxiety management
  • Learning ways to self regulate
  • Identifying creative blocks
  • Melting away the wall that feels like a creative block
  • Learning new ways for achieving relaxation
  • Learn the skill of “active meditation” or “mindful practices” for well being
  • Exploring self-reflection opportunities
  • Connecting with yourself and others on a deeper level
  • Learning how to play with art mediums

The Expressive Arts Online Open Studio is a regular space and time to explore and cultivate your own personal creative practice. This is not therapy, but you may find it therapeutic! The emphasis is on process over product, self-reflection, the experience of a creative community, and witnessing the journey with others. No prior expressive or traditional art experience is necessary. Use what art supplies you have on hand or request a suggested supply list.

90 minutes of intermodal Expressive Arts to connect with yourself and with others.

Listen to what stirs inside of you. Listen to your longing. Make art. Tune in.
Be aware of the images that are waiting to emerge.
Let the images speak – in words, and in movement perhaps. Find your way. Be amazed.
There is nothing else that needs to be said or done.